Saturday, 14 May 2016

Woodworking is a most satisfying pastime, so varied and multifaceted you will never complete the twin processes you have undertaken: acquiring tools and learning how to use them. You have begun a lifetime pursuit. ~Michael Dunbar, "Essential Tools"
The feel and beauty of finely crafted wood…the refreshing smell of your workshop…the absorbing joy of cutting and joining that makes the hours race by… These are the reasons you love woodworking. -
Jack Neff
Our services includes:
-From carpets lifted to exposed gleaming floorboards
-Refinishing of all floors, colour service available
-Restoration of period wooden floors incl. finish of your choice (oil, wax or lacquer)
-Replacement boards sourced
-Gap filling service available
-Professional results guaranteed
-Free on-site measure, quote & advice.
-Payment required on satisfactory completion - your guarantee of a professional job